Will Child Interview

by Kieran Molyneux

We sat down with the hugely talented Will Child ahead of our event next Saturday to find out a bit more about the sculpture artist. He'll be joining us on the 22nd June at Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool to create live trainer sculptures.

How did you get into sculpture art?

I’ve always been into making things with my hands since I was a kid, but left my old graphic design job in 2017 to pursue this kind of thing full time. I was predominantly doing clay sculptures at first, then moved into using plasticine when I wanted to start making animated work, and thankfully it’s worked out so far! Handmade-y motion stuff had been something I really wanted to do since I first saw Team America, so I’m really grateful to be able to do it for a living now.

What first brought you to our attention was the 'sneaker sculptures' you made, how long have you been into trainers and what got you started?

I don’t claim to be the most knowledgeable trainer enthusiast in the world but I’ve loved trainers for as long as I can remember really. I find them impossible to throw away (just in case) and still have tons from 10+ years ago that occasionally wriggle their way back into rotation. My first memory is a pair of Cortez my mum got me when I will have been about 10 or 11, and being proper made up about it - another lad at school always had them and I lived in perpetual jealousy. I was always mad about footy boots when I was a kid too - still dream of the Nike R9s I got from TK Maxx when I was 11 - they’re like a grand on eBay now, but were recklessly thrown away after they got too small for me. Never again. I was sub most of the time anyway so they were still in top nick! Thankfully I’ve been a size 11 since I was like 15, so I’ve been able to keep hold of quite the arsenal of shoes since then.

We’ve seen some of the music video’s you’ve been involved in, most recently Ramirez’ Does It Real Good video. Who are some of the other big clients you've done work for?

Other than Ramirez, I’ve created animated music videos for Open Mike Eagle, Key!, Da$h, Action Bronson & Meyhem Lauren, and more animated promotional and commercial work for the likes of BT Sport, The Premier League, Reebok, BiG Heath and Rolling Loud amongst others!

What will you be doing at Laces Out! this coming weekend?

I’ll be offering live commissions, making any mini plasticine trainer requested  while you peruse the festival! I’ll be coming armed with a few trainers already made and for sale, but come and ask if you’re interested in your own bespoke sculpture for a special festival price. I’ll also be bringing a few bits from the studio, some of which will be for sale including sculptures of Cam’ron, A$AP Yams, Action Bronson and others. Come over to my stall and say hello! Big thanks to the guys at Laces Out for having me this year.

Where can people see more of your work?

My instagram is the most regularly updated place (@williamjchild) - there’s loads more short form stuff on there revolving around music, politics and football, and other than that you can see more on www.williamchild.co.uk. Waiting on loads of new stuff to drop at the moment, including a crazy new music video and some work I did on a basketball documentary in the States that got voted top 10 best films at this year’s TriBeCa Festival in New York, so keep your eyes peeled!

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