Scousers on Crossers

by Rob May

Merseyside has long had a close and complex relationship with it's subcultures. From casual to ketwig, from cosmic scally to the city's own iterations of new romantic, punk and new wave, Liverpool has cut it's own path when it comes to youth tribes. Some have been more popular than others, some have been a flash in the pan, but one in particular has bubbled under, stuck the distance, and ran the race for several generations now.


Treading the line of legality, the city region and it's youth's obsession with crossers, quads and - more recently - modified E-bikes has been a three decade long love story. Picking up where casuals and their trainers, and nightclub devotees and their designer clothes left off, the culture has developed as a working class source of pride. An evocation of having something that would normally be beyond the means of people of your class, and in the grand tradition of motorcycle gangs the world over, belonging to a tribe of likeminded people.

We turn our attention to the Scousers on crossers for the relaunch of @PUMA.UK Speedcat, because why wouldn't we?