Brendan Dunne is coming on the show.

by Kieran Molyneux

We sat down with Brendan Dunne ahead of our event next Saturday to find out a bit more about the man behind the moustache. He'll be joining us on the 22nd June at Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool to discuss all things footwear, along with Leila Fataar and Alex Vas.

Brendan, for the people who may not be aware of Full Size Run, could you give them an insight in to what it is, who started it, and why? 

For the people who are not aware of Full Size Run, I pray that God is merciful to you on the day of your judgment. That being said, FSR is a weekly sneaker talk show that breaks down what's happening in the world of footwear and delivers interviews with notable people in the scene. I think someone here has described it as "The View" but for sneakers. The Sole Collector team started the show a few years back just because we wanted to put more video product out and felt like there wasn't an actual sneaker talk show out there. It's changed a handful of times since, but I've been around since the start.

How long have you been into trainers (sneakers) and what first got you into them? 

I've been into sneakers since I was a teenager in the early 2000s. My entry point was just being a kid on the internet and discovering that there were small pockets of people who were really obsessed with this niche thing.

 Do you have a large collection of sneakers? If so how many? 

It's big, but it's not nearly as big as the collections of people who I came up around in the sneaker scene. I probably have around 500 pairs of sneakers, but I need to do an updated tally because stuff comes and goes so quickly.

What’s your top 5? 

My top five is kinda fluid and I haven't really thought hard about it in a while. Here's my best off the top of the head though: Nike SB Blazer "Midnight Navy," Air Jordan 3 "Black/Cement," New Balance 993, Nike SB Dunk Low in general as a silhouette, Reebok Workout Plus.

Who has been your favourite guest on FSR? 

Currensy was a really special one—we had a lot of fun with him and I felt like he really understood the show and wanted to support it. We showed him a clip of the Yeezy Busta episode in the green room and he was dying laughing.

Lastly, what’s your twitter handle? 

Despite what anybody tells you, Brendan Dunne does not have a Twitter handle. 


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